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Worldwide Hypnotherapy

Belgian born Robert J.Van Daele, has been active in both psycho- and hypnotherapy for many years. His reputation for his approach towards medically hard to treat psychosomatic disorders, reaches far beyond the belgian borders. Many belgian, as well as foreign doctors, refer their patients to him when classical treatments are of no relief. The achievements of Robert J.Van Daele have been echoed in the national and international media and the people concerned come from all corners of the world such as : North & South-Africa, the United States, Canada and Sweden. A lot of french people trust him with their problems and some of them come from as far as the ”French Riviera” for a one time treatment.

Robert J.Van Daele has been active in this field long before the notion of hypnotherapy had a name. With more than 45 years of experience, Robert J.Van Daele has developped a technique to help people from smoking in just one visit. The results are quite surprising. His technique, which combines hypnotic suggestion with accupressure, is so unique that it is not practiced by any other hypnotherapist in the world. The treatment itself takes 15 minutes at the most. People who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes a day, leave his practice with a complete aversion to nicotine and the many sincere and sometimes moving letters he receives are a tangible proof of his succes.

To quit smoking is the only treatment which can be done, with efficiency, in just one visit. For any other disorder, a longer treatment is necessary. The nature of the problem will determine the length and the frequency of the treatments. Not only does smoking call for a visit, but all other forms of disorders such as : alcohol or drug addiction, sleeping problems, nail chewing, bedwetting, stuttering, depression, stress and all sorts of phobia, will be treated by Robert J.Van Daele with the utmost expertise.

Robert J.Van Daele has given many conferences, all over the world, which enabled him to build a solid reputation. He is a member of the most prestigeous association of hypnotherapist ie : The Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis, which has its headquarters in Ohio, U.S.A.

Many well-known people from the political, artistic and cultural world like to call upon Robert J.Van Daele’s expertise and special approach.

In a recent publication of the British Medical Journal, researchers from Oxford have published the results of 40 years of research and data collected from 34.000 doctors in Great-Britain. The Conclusion is that half of all regular smokers will die from their habit. Other illnesses activated by nicotine include nine types of cancer (lungs, mouth, throat, larynx, digestive tract, bladder and pancreas) and 10 types of heart- and vascular deseases.

According to the same research, it is never too late to give up smoking. Those who quit smoking before the age of 35 for instance, will not have a shorter life span than those of 35 who never smoked.

A visit with Robert J.Van Daele can be a life improvement.